The Bruns-Del sub-division is a community of a little over 100 half acre lots on the shores of Lake Gaston in the Pea Hill Creak area.  It is located 15 miles South of Lawrenceville and about 20 miles North of Roanoke Rapids N.C.  It is 2.7 miles West of Virginia state highway 46 on rural road 626 near the crossroads called Gasburg.  The sub-division began development in the early 60’s by a local man named Clyde Delbridge.  It consists of three areas, Brunswick estates, Delbridge estates and Clyde’s Retreat.  Most of the lots are on the water but about a dozen are off shore.

The community owns and maintains its own roads (two miles), boat launch ramp and dock.  Roads have been resurfaced every ten years and the shoulders of the roads and common areas are kept trim and neat.  The adjacent lake waters are treated yearly by us to insure boating and swimming access free of invasive weeds.  All residents contribute to community maintenance. 

There is a small market (Sander’s) with gas service near the sub-division entrance.  A fire station (Gasburg) and rescue squad (Central Rescue Squad) are located within three miles.  At the Gasburg crossroads (I would like to say “town” but that would be misleading), there is a bank, post office, convenience store, auto repair shop and Pino’s Italian restaurant.  There is a resort (“The Club”) located across 626, that offers memberships to locals to use the tennis courts and large fitness building.

Emergency service is obtained by dialing “911”.  Our postal district is “Valentines” (23887).